There's a mystery about what's happening to the Mazzio's Restaurant location in Warrensburg.

Posts and comments on Mazzio's Warrensburg Facebook page would indicate that the restaurant is indeed closing, however, details are rather sketchy and unofficial. And to be clear the posts are by customers or employees of the business. Not any official post from the restaurant.

One of the posts is from Tammy Newsom Hookey, who stopped by the restaurant to enjoy a final meal. And two posts from Lori Ann O'Rear who was enjoying a meal with her Mazzio's Family on May 7.

Comments on all three of the posts talk about the restaurant closure and indicate originally the closure date for the restaurant was set for Saturday, however, the closure date had been moved up.

There's also a post on The Burg Facebook Page talking about Mazzio's "final day in the burg" from Byron Johnson. And one from Collene Morris Enix mourning the loss of one of Warrensburg's better salad bars.

Keep in mind all of this is Facebook conjecture. Although, really, if Mazzio's Warrensburg wasn't closing, you'd think they would address that on their Facebook page. Or someone that works there would have shot that rumor down on The Burg Facebook page. Right?

Another open question is whether the restaurant is closing for good, or closing for remodeling. The Facebook scuttlebutt seems to indicate closing for good. Although somehow the restaurant closing for remodeling got into the conversation.

If Mazzio's Warrensburg location is indeed closing for good, it wouldn't surprise me. It never seems all that busy. Or crowded in the parking lot. At least not when I'm stopping by the restaurant to pick up some wings. Dead at 7:30 or 8:00 PM on a Saturday night isn't a great indicator of health in my opinion.

I'm trying to get some definitive answers to the mystery. I've reached out to Mazzio's corporate office in Oklahoma for a comment, but have yet to hear back from them. And I'm planning on stopping by the restaurant on my way home tonight to see what I can find out. I'll update this article when I know more.

If Mazzio's in Warrensburg is closing, we'll miss it. For us, it isn't the salad bar or the buffet, or even the pizza we'll miss. It's the wings. Mazzio's has become the place we order wings from.

I'll admit, swinging by Mazzio's tonight to quench my curiosity about what's really going on at the restaurant is only part of my motivation. If they're open, we'll say goodbye to Mazzio's in the 'Burg with one last wing feast.

Update: 5/13

I drove by the Warrensburg Mazzio's last night and the parking lot was completely empty. Some lights were on and all the window blinds were up. It looks like that was done as a deterrent to anyone who might think of entering the building to steal stuff or vandalize it. There was a big Heartland Waste dumpster positioned by one of the doors near the kitchen of the restaurant. They were definitely closed. The question that remains is, are they remodeling, or is it the end? Mazzio's corporate never returned our request for comment.

Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media
Rob Creighton/Townsquare Media
Rob Creighton /Townsquare Media
Rob Creighton /Townsquare Media

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