Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has released a video for the title track to his forthcoming solo effort Waiting on a SongYou can check it out above.

"Not only does the video evoke the feeling of the song, but it also pays tribute to the great tradition of Nashville songwriters," Auerbach said in a release. "It was fun to have John Prine and Pat McLaughlin have cameos in the video as I wrote the song with them. It also has appearances by other Nashville songwriters, like Michael Heeney and Luke Dick, as well as David Ferguson who was the executive producer on the album with me."

“When I first heard ‘Waiting on a Song’, I instantly thought about summer hi-jinks, basically anything that could happen during the last summer between high school and college," director Bryan Schlam added. "I’ve always wanted to make a movie about that weight, the feeling of moving from childhood to pseudo adulthood.”

Indeed, there's a Dazed and Confused vibe to to the clip, as it follows five Nashville teenage boys looking to have a great summer before adulthood beckons. They get high, buy some more pot, get the munchies, crash a friend's pool and meet girls. Prine, who co-wrote six other songs on the record, shows up as a guy buying beer for the underage boys, and Auerbach himself shows up in a Wooderson-like role -- an older guy getting high while hanging around a party.

The video follows releases for "King of a One Horse Town" and "Shine on Me." Auerbach has called Waiting on a Song a “love letter to Nashville,” and it includes contributions from former Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler, members of the Memphis Boys, Duane Eddy and Prine. The album, his second following 2009's Keep It Hid, is due June 2 via Easy Eye Sound, his new label named after his Nashville studio.

Auerbach is set to open for Prine on a handful of East Coast dates in the fall. You can see them listed below.

Dan Auerbach Tour Dates

Sept. 15 — North Charleston, S.C., North Charleston Performing Arts Center
Sept. 16 — Charlotte, N.C., Belk Theatre
Oct. 10 — Washington, D.C., DAR Constitution Hall
Oct. 11 — Richmond, Va., Altria Theater

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