With Hugh Jackman’s Logan opening in theaters this weekend, the top spot of this list was never in doubt. The questions were always whether audiences would respond well to the first R-rated superhero movie from an established franchise. Was the big opening of Deadpool an abberation or a sign of things to come? If today’s numbers are any indication, the answer is, maybe a little bit of both.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
2Get Out$26,110,695 (-21%)$8,887$75,954,335
3The Shack$16,100,000$5,575$16,100,000
4The LEGO Batman Movie$11,650,000 (-39%)$3,187$148,631,801
5Before I Fall$4,948,538$2,109$4,948,538
6John Wick: Chapter 2$4,725,000 (-49%)$1,909$82,865,972
7Hidden Figures$3,825,000 (-34%)$2,418$158,765,439
8The Great Wall$3,507,120 (-61%)$1,516$41,268,425
9Fifty Shades Darker$3,484,770 (-55%)$1,580$109,912,085
10La La Land$2,975,000 (-36%)$2,108$145,684,362

With $85 million in its opening weekend, Logan is now the highest-grossing of the Wolverine movies  —  yes, that includes X-Men Origins: Wolverine  —  and the fourth highest grossing March movie of all time. What kind of a success Logan will be is entirely dependent upon its staying power. If fans continue to respond well to Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, Logan could see a more gentle decline than the previous two films, with audiences encouraging others to see it (and maybe heading back to theaters for a second screening themselves). It may not have done Deadpool money in its opening weekend, but the studio certainly has its fingers crossed for a $200 domestic gross.

While nowhere near the numbers of Logan, what Get Out did in second place is no less impressive. Jordan Peele’s horror-comedy about race dropped a minuscule 21%, nearly matching last week’s gross with $26 million. With horror films, the hope is always that a strong word of mouth will give the movie long legs at the box office; the glowing reviews and overwhelming audience feedback seem to be doing just that, pretty much ensuring that Get Out will be one of the most successful films of 2017.

In third place with a surprising $17 million is The Shack, a faith-based film starring Sam Worthington and this weekend’s Saturday Night Live host Octavia Spencer. To put that in perspective, The Shack has already beaten the opening weekend grosses for movies like God’s Not Dead and War Room, and those films launched a thousand thinkpieces about the current state of religious cinema. If The Shack follows in those films’ footsteps, it should end up somewhere in the $60 million range, a solid outing for a movie like this.

Before I Fall, the other major release from this past weekend, landed in fifth place with $4.9 million. A young adult spin on Groundhog Day, Before I Fall has actually pulled in pretty decent reviews, meaning it might have a second life on VOD. It’s theatrical prospects, however, are dim at best.

The LEGO Batman Movie landed in fourth with $11 million, pretty much closing the door on its chances to hit $200 million but still representing a solid chunk of change for the studio. Meanwhile, John Wick: Chapter 2 finished in fifth with $4.7 million. At just shy of $83 million, it’s still technically possible that the film could break the $100 million mark, but fans should be happy, as numbers like this mean a sequel is pretty much guaranteed.

The remaining Top 10 is divided up among Best Picture nominees having a victory lap at the box office  —  Hidden Figures finished in seventh place with $3.8 million, while La La Land finished in tenth with $2.9 million  —  and wide releases having one last gasp. Barring bigger drop-offs from the above films, The Great Wall in eighth at $3.5 million and Fifty Shades Darker in ninth at $3.4 have probably enjoyed their last weekend in the Top 10.

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