I did it. I bought tickets. 

I wasn't sure for a while if I was going to do it. Not because I have any ill will toward these people or anything. I just don't know if I'm going to be Extremely Awkward or only Partially Awkward.

You see, I graduated High School here at Smith Cotton all the way back in 1997.  It was a different time. People wore more than one kind of denim at once. You had to have a landline and a long distance plan. The Sneaker Pimps were a thing. Bill Clinton was playing the saxophone everywhere. Titanic was the saddest movie that had ever sadded. Ross and Rachel were on a break. Nano Pets and Tamagotchi were making everyone's little sisters happy.

To be honest, I don't remember a lot of it.

I know looking back on it, I have fuzzy memories here and there, and most of them aren't of very important things. They were little memories like my only friend in Mrs Greer's sixth grade math class, Tyesha, writing out the lyrics of "Ice Ice Baby" for me on a notepad. Getting blisters on my hands from playing on the monkey bars and attempting to do "tricks" with my friend Shara. Standing out in the freezing cold by the front door of Smith Cotton with Jillean. The time Joe and I accidentally set off the high school burglar alarm. Never being able to find a seat on the band bus going on trips to help with the huge American flag they had in their show. Riding in the back of Nicole's old pickup truck with Josie. Kevin sitting behind me in Pre Algebra and telling me if I didn't help  him with his assignment he was going to become a garbage man (it was a joke, kind of odd to explain).

So now, there's been so much time gone by that I'm afraid I won't remember a lot of important things, and people will be annoyed and/or angry with me. Well, I mean, sure, we've all been through a lot, but when I say "fuzzy  memories" I mean SO FUZZY. So fuzzy, you guys. I'm a little freaked that I'm not going to remember a lot.  And here's something else terrifying: What if I remember someone who DOESN'T remember me? Or what if I said or did something awful to someone, and they remind me of it, and I've forgotten, like a total jerkface?

There are so many things that could go wrong, but there are also a lot of things that could go right. I could find out some nice things. Maybe everyone will be super chill and fun and we'll all have a good time.

Or, I will leave in a half an hour and go home to my couch and box wine.

Either way, I guess I'm going. I've paid for the tickets, so the deed has been done.

Reunionly yours,


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