When the City told us about the recycling bins that were coming, I was pretty stoked.

I'm a person who likes the idea of recycling, of course.  I think most of us do, I mean, if we're given the opportunity, why not?  Recycling can only help our environment, right?

I thought we were going to have a separate trash can for recycling stuff, and that it was going to be something really easy to do.  Well, we haven't done that.  We don't have a designated "recycling" bin in the house.  But we do put stuff in the recycling bin outside. I'm just finding that we're not using it as much as I thought we would, I guess.

I've heard some stories around town (that I can't verify) that the recycling is going well for some people, but it's not going great for others.  I don't think we've had any problems at my house, but then, I also haven't been Looking for problems.  I haven't noticed any stray trash in the alley - or rather, more than normal.  So I don't know if the "the truck arms aren't working properly" angle is correct. I'm also never home when they come to Get the recycling and the trash, because, you know, work.  And usually that seems to be about nap time for my Dad, and you know Husbando doesn't even THINK of getting up that early.

Maybe I need to reacquaint myself with the recycling rules.  Like, what you can and what you shouldn't put in it, how you put it in there, etc.  I know you can't put like, wipes and paper towels and stuff like that in there, and I think you can put in cans and plastic, but I don't know if there are certain types of plastic you can put in.  I think I get the general idea, but maybe if I re-read it all it might make it easier to do it more.

Are you using the recycling bins a lot?  Do you just use the garbage one?  What do you think of the program now that we've had it enough to get used to it?

Recyclingly yours,


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