I'm a person who definitely tries to be frugal and also a person who likes to reuse things. I mean, that's a perfectly good plastic bag. And the dude at Wood's said they had to get some more from the other location. Why wouldn't I re-use it? It just seems like the thing to do. But is there a line? Is there something that you just go ahead and chuck as opposed to re-using it?

For example, I get little baggies in my medication every month with bandages and gauze in them.  They just come along with it, and they always send me more than what I need. So I end up putting them all in one bag, and then re-using the little plastic bags for my snacks at work.  They're perfectly good bags, clean, and why not use em again?

But then I look at things like pill bottles.  Sure, you get a new bottle of aspirin or something, and then you put the last two in the new bottle.  What do you do with the old one? Recycle it? Trash it?  Re-use it? I kind of waffle between them.  I don't re-use them for anything important, after all. Just like, similar stuff and whatnot.  Like an old bottle of aspirin would maybe go with a few in it to stay in my bag in case of a sudden headache.

I actually thought about using an old pill bottle to put maybe some candies in.  That might look odd, though, me sitting at my desk eating Skittles out of an aspirin bottle.

What do you think? What are some things you like to re-use a few times before they go in the recycling/trash?

Trashily yours,

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