There are two Kansas City area drive-in movie theaters and they're both open on weekends this spring. Here's what you need to know before you go.

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The two drive-in theaters in the Kansas City area are B&B Theatres Twin Drive-In on Kentucky Road in Independence. Then there's the Boulevard Drive-In on Merriam Lane in Kansas City.

Both theaters are only screening films on weekends at this point, with the Twin screening movies Thursday - Sunday, and Boulevard only screening films on Friday and Saturday night. The cost to see a double feature at the Twin is $22 per carload, while tickets are $15 per person to see a double feature at the Boulevard. Kids 11 and under get in free at the Boulevard.

Both theaters start their first films of double features at 8:30 PM CDT, with gates opening at 7:30 PM CDT.

If you're reading this article a little later in the summer, you might want to double-check the theater websites to confirm the start times and operating days. Because, of course, it's lighter later as we get into the summer, and with more kids out of school, the theaters' may be open more nights of the week.

People can purchase advance tickets to screenings at the Twin Drive-In on the B&B Theatres website, while the Boulevard Drive-In only sells tickets from their box office starting at 7:30 PM. You'll want to hit a cash machine prior to hitting the Boulevard as well, their website says they are a cash-only business.

Movies at both theaters play rain or shine, and pets are welcome at the Boulevard as long as they're kept on a leash and owners pick up after them. For more information on the Boulevard Drive-In click here, for more information on the B&B Theatres Twin Drive-In you can check their website or Facebook page.

In case you're exploring Missouri this summer, there are other drive-in movie theaters you can check out during your travels.

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