First of all, I had to force myself to type out "iced tea" instead of "ice tea".

I went with my Dad to a local restaurant the other day and had me a lemonade.  I thought that was a pretty popular summertime beverage. But I decided to ask you guys on our Facebook page what your favorite summertime drink was, and found I was in the obvious minority.  Like, my favorite wasn't even mentioned, at all.  And actually, about half of the responses were voting for iced tea.

When I was growing up, my Mom LOVED iced tea. It was like, her favorite drink.  She'd get those Lipton packets and brew up some and we'd always have some in the fridge. I also remember a few times she'd make sun tea.  Which is exactly what it sounds like, and I bet you or a family member have done it, too.  You just put in your tea bags, stick em in a pitcher or whatever you wanna brew it in, and set it out on the porch. A few hours later, you got yourself something good to drink.

So since iced tea is so popular, what's the best of the best? Is there a restaurant in town that makes the best in house? Is there a brand you like to make at home from the store? Do you have a favorite method of making it? OH, and the BIG question, is it sweet or unsweetened?

Do tell all about your favorites in iced tea - or if you're like me and prefer a different summertime beverage, let us know what it is! Tell us all about the best summer drinks ever.

Drinkingly yours,


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