I was in Indiana over the winter months last year. It was manageable but we did have some snow plow issues, as my complex apparently didn't secure sufficient snow plows to clear our parking lots.  I am originally from Illinois and I am quite familiar with Chicago winters.  So I know what to do when cold weather and snow storms are coming.

Well I am back in Missouri, where it doesn't get quite as cold in the winter months.  In my almost 5 years of living here in past years, I recall freezing rain being far more of a issue that cold temperatures or snow.  One winter I think we hit 20 degrees once, and that was it.  Well what is in store this year?

Well according to my friend, Kenton Gewecke from KOMU 8 in Columbia, we can expect a winter with slighter warmer temperatures.  Expect some bitter cold air, but perhaps not as much.  And apparently over the last 50 years in Missouri, winters have gotten a little warmer.  Global warming? Perhaps. Mid-January tends to be the coldest and those temps have warmed over 9 degrees over the past 50 years.

How about snow? In Illinois we have had a few winters with well over 40 inches of snow over the winter months. You won't get that here. Your 30 year average for Missouri is about 16-17 inches.  And you will get some ice for sure.  So be careful when driving on the roads especially in the more rural areas.

You can check out Kenton's Winter Weather Outlook HERE and hopefully it will be a mild winter and we can look forward to an early spring.

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