Have you ever heard of the two beers and a puppy test? I didn't, until today and I think it's the perfect way to determine whether you really like your friends, or trust them.

It's actually a thought exercise Ross McCammon included in his 2015 book "Works Well With Others," but I had never heard about it until now. Ross says this is the piece of advice he'll probably be remembered for. And I think he's probably right about this.

The exercise is fairly simple. Ross says:

 Pick a person in your life — a friend, a coworker, your cousin Kyle, whoever — and ask yourself two questions:

Would I want to have two beers with this person?
Would I trust them to look after my puppy over a weekend?

That's it. That's all you need to do. If you wouldn't enjoy two beers with someone, nor let them watch your puppy, why are they in your life? If you'd enjoy two beers with this someone, but not let them watch your puppy. Well maybe they're fun to be with, but maybe you shouldn't expect them to be very responsible. No beers, but yeah, you'd leave your puppy with them. I suspect they're probably a drag in social situations, but rock-solid when it comes to responsibility.

And I suppose if your squad is more in the wine crowd, you could change it to the two glasses of wine and a puppy test. Or if you're part of the heavy fuel crew, the two shots, and a puppy test. And of course for you teetotalers, the two Cokes, and a puppy test.

Changing the pet out could prove to be more difficult. I mean not everyone's on board to watch a cute reptile or interested in caring for your ferret. Ferrets can bite. No thank you.

So what about your friends, can they pass the two beers and a puppy test?

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