Since we're eating more at home, I though this would be a good time to make sure you're getting the right info on what foods shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator. (Even though your mom and grandma did it!)

According to an article on the online version of Reader' Digest, ( these are some foods that you should never put in cold storage:

  1. Melons-Now we're talking about the whole melons. After you've sliced the melons, stick in the refrigerator to help prevent bacterial growth
  2. Cucumbers-I'm guilty. I do believe we have a couple of cukes in the produce drawer in our 'frig. If you leave them in there they become watery and pitted.
  3. Tomatoes-Keep your'mates on the shelf for better flavor. The cold does something to them and can alter the taste.
  4. Hot Sauce-Guilty, as charged. I never thought about this until I read it. Preservatives and vinegar are in the stuff to help keep it fresh on the shelf, plus if you chill it the peepers may lose some of their heat.
  5. Bread-You may keep that loaf in the 'frig to help keep down the possibility of mold but it actually dries out the loaf. If you have extra bread, keep it in the freezer.

Keep planning those menus and here's hoping your groceries stay fresh longer!

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