After 40 years in the spotlight, you'd think there's nothing left to know about Rush. But the latest video in our You Think You Know Classic Rock? video series uncovers a few facts about the Canadian trio that might have previously escaped your grasp.

To start, we divulge how they got their original name. They were so busy rehearsing that they didn't have time to come up with anything. On the eve of their first gig, Bill Rutsey, the brother of their original drummer John Rutsey, suggested calling themselves "Rush," and the name stuck.

And as closely associated as they are with their hometown of Toronto, Rush's initial success came not from the Great White North but from Cleveland, where a radio DJ began playing 'Working Man.' The reaction from the listeners was so strong that Mercury Records took notice and signed them.

We also learn that their second album, 'Fly by Night,' saw the band forming two long-running relationships. The first, with producer Terry Brown, ended after the recording of 1982's 'Signals,' when Brown took issue with the Police-like reggae groove of 'Digital Man.' The second was with Hugh Syme, whose artwork has adorned every Rush album cover to this day.

Finally, we discover that Geddy Lee once lent his vocal talents to an album that grew out of a pair of recurring characters from 'SCTV.' But do you know how much he got paid for his cameo? Watch the video above to find out.

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