Are your allergies bothering you? Mine have come back with a vengence this season after not bothering me too much for several years. Unfortunately we're going to need to stock up on decongestant because allergy season isn't going away any time soon. University of Kansas Health System researchers say allergy season is getting longer and stronger.

KSHB TV is reporting that University of Kansas Health System researches are studying what they call a "super allergan." Dr. Marrisa Love told KSHB that researchers are studying how warmer temperatures due to climate change are changing pollon producing plants. According to Love "The plants have gotten used to this warmer climate, so they're producing what [researchers] call super allergens. These pollens that are stronger, more durable, and spread farther."

Bad news for those of us who end up sneezing and sniffling due to allergies. Good news for the makers of tissues and allergy medicines.

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