I know, social media has it's ups and downs. But sometimes, it's just funny.  I gotta give it that.  And I've seen it happen before, obviously. I guess sometimes we get frustrated and have to express ourselves.  And hey, as long as it's funny and not too mean, why not laugh along.

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I've heard the teenagers say this before.  Especially when they feel like there's nothing to do, it's understandable. But it was worse before the internet, I'll tell ya, unless you liked cruising down Limit and turning around at the McDonald's, watching some brohaims get drunk in the Mazzio's parking lot on Natty Light.


Oh my.  How I wish I had seen this for myself.  Not only did they have Denny's tattoos, but... matching ones.  I wonder if it was just the logo, or... like a dish from Denny's, or... just the words?  The possibilities are endless. Endless, I tell you.


I don't know why this one hit me so hard, but it did. I laughed so loud the people stopped talking in the office across the hall. I like the detail of it. And I kinda wanna see a backyard wrestling league, if I'm honest.  Like, two dudes wrasslin' on the patch of sand someone put down before they set up their above ground pool last year.


Now, dial back on the offended.  This one is funny because it's true.  When I went to school in the 'Burg, I was shocked by how the water tasted.  I heard from some locals that there was something involving limestone with Warrensburg water?  It was just... so.. I'm sorry, I'm gonna say it, it was gross. It took me like a year  to get used to it.  I took a friend of mine who was from Nebraska back to Sedalia to my house in college, and she was skeptical of drinking our tap water because of it. I had to remind her that I had the same reaction she did before she'd drink it.

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I like that we're an... exclamation?  A euphemism? And I've seen that video, it is pretty trashy.  But I think they were doing it on purpose to be funny, myself.  And really, I don't think we're That bad. I mean, I've seen some stuff.  But it's not that bad.

Have you ever seen some good roasts on Twitter or other social media?  What was the funniest one you saw?

Tweetingly yours,

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