The Angler's Port Marine Cabin Fever Sports Show is coming up February 11.  Every year, there's something a little different in store.... and this year is no exception! 

It's always a good thing to have our show in the middle of winter - we're all dying to get out and do something interesting!  Here are some things you'll see at the show that you might not be expecting:

1.  There will be LAZERS.

Laser Tag
Rich Legg

Who doesn't love a laser video game!?! That's gonna be some fun, I'll tell you what. The whole kids zone will have plenty of stuff for the kids to see and do, and if they're not worn out by the time the day is over... I'll be shocked. There will be face painting, bounce houses, The Boy Scouts, kids' toys, and some characters hanging out!

2. It's not all sporty stuff for the boys.

Painting fingernails with nail polish

Yeah, there's gonna be cars, boats, archery, grilling, all that macho stuff. But there will be so many booths and activities for the ladies! Baskets by Lynn, Damsel in Defense, Jamberry Nails, Jewelry in Candels, Pink Zebra, Plexus, Scentsy, Senegence, Style Dots, Tastefully Simple, Young Living Essential Oils, Barbara's Jewelry, Avon... so much stuff. And that won't even be all that'll be on hand when the day comes!

3.    You will get the chance do some real Adulting.

Hands and little house.
Oleksandr Bilozerov

I know what you're thinking - "Behk, what is wrong with you? I have to be an adult EVERY DAY." Well, what I mean here is, you can learn a little something by having experts on hand where you can actually pick their brains. Not always do you have time to go to someone's office or call them up and ask them your questions. And you might feel like you're bugging them if you're just curious and not ready to buy anything. At our sports show, you can talk to Premier Realty Group, Shelter Insurance, Cachero Roofing, Premiere Portable Buildings, Coldwell Banker Monsees Realty, Complete Real Estate Service, American Family Insurance, Remax with Ashlee Paxton, the Missouri Farm Bureau, and more. You can consult with all of these experts and get your burning questions answered.

4. The Archery dudes are REALLY dedicated.

Bull's Eye

I admit, I don't think about archery much. Very rarely. Maybe if I'm watching Robin Hood again? But for some people, archery isn't just a hobby, it's a WAY OF LIFE. To hear them talk about their equipment or their practice areas,.... they're very passionate about it. The Huntin and Fishin with Harry Archery Shoot presented by Ashlee Paxton at Remax will return this year, and you'll want to check it out.

5. It's not just a barbecue contest... it's a barbecue SAUCE contest.

collection of dips, sauce

Speaking of a niche of people who are incredibly dedicated to their interests... the barbecue crowd. I've been to quite a few contests over the years for the stations, and you tend to see the same guys popping up here and there. They're not playing around. These are guys you could fully expect to see on Chopped, ready to dig deep and make Aaron Sanchez blush. The whole place is going to smell AMAZING. I'm sure there will be lots of amazing entries, although I wouldn't want to be the judge..... I could be a taster, though.

So there you have it. The Angler's Port Marine Cabin Fever Sports Show will be here before you know it. Join us out at the Matthewson Exhibition Center!

Surprisingly yours,

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