I guess my  main question is... why, though? Just because you can?  I guess I shouldn't be questioning it.  Yeah, what's my deal, why NOT, right?  It's about time someone combined my two favorite things:  Messing around on the Internet and eating carbs.

A guy named Micha Laplante from Chicopee, Massachusetts just built a computer out of LASAGNA.  Well . . . technically, it's just the computer CASE.  The internal parts are actually, you know, electronics.  But the case is all layers of uncooked noodles.

And his lasagna computer actually worked . . . although he said it struggled when he used it to try to play video games.  Gotta be careful about the computer overheating and cooking the noodles, I guess.  You can watch the video down below.

Now I want garlic bread.

Pastaingly yours,


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