I once said there are radio personalities, or disc jockeys if you prefer, who have that voice, that delivery, that cadence, where it doesn't matter what they're saying. Whatever they're flapping their gums about it's just compelling to listen to. So I was very intrigued when I heard there was a video, or audio, of the great Dodgers and MLB Broadcaster Vin Scully reading of all things, a grocery list.

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Now, let me get a few things clear. One, I don't put myself in this group. If I read the phonebook or air, or a grocery list, I'd expect you to turn the channel and find the next best station in town. It's not a talent every personality needs to have. In fact, in some respects, these days it's less about how to say something, than having something interesting to say.

So almost 20 years ago now, I found myself the boss of a Chicago radio legend. This guy is one of the guys you'd put on the Mount Rushmore of Chicago radio. I was blessed to be able to hire him at my almost so far suburban it was rural radio station where we had just started a brand new Classic Rock station.

One day my boss comes up to me and asks how I would coach this gentleman. To which I replied, "This guy knows more about radio than I do, he could read the phone book and it would sound better than one of my breaks. If he isn't following the format or something I'll address it. But this guy's a pro so he can do his breaks any way he wants as far as I'm concerned."

That brings you more or less up to date.

So earlier this week, when Vin Scully passed away one of my sportscaster friends posted on Facebook that he had once quipped that he could listen to Vin Scully read a grocery list, and he had found a Youtube video of the iconic sportscaster doing just that.

So, yes, I watched the video, and damn if Mr. Scully didn't make groceries sound interesting. You can watch it below.

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