I can't tell you how many times I wandered off and worried my mother sick when I was a kid. Pretty much all my life, I did it to her at least a dozen times.  When I was a little kid, when I was a teenager, in college, even.  But now, parents don't have to have that worry.  Here's a quick little tip from the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency for those of you going to the Fair with kids this year.


What a simple, yet effective idea.  You can show them a picture of your kid that's accurate, even to the clothes they're wearing that day.  And you know with the crowds and all the distractions at the Missouri State Fair, the chance of a kid wandering off is pretty high. Even though you told them a thousand times to stay near you, you know kids will be kids.  I saw another suggestion from someone who said they write their cell phone number on their kid's arm in Sharpie when they go out to big events.  That's probably another good idea - that way the authorities can call you right away.  And you know your kid probably doesn't remember your cell phone number.  Especially if they're in a crying, panicking, "I lost my Mom" state, you're lucky if they remember anything, much less a phone number. And it'll wash off, anyway.

What are some of the things you do to prepare when you go out with the kids in a big, crowded, public place?

Safely yours,


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