I am a person who is all bout convenience. So it's important to me that things that can be simple, are simple.

So every month, when I get my water bill from the city, I don't bother with getting an envelope and addressing it and finding a stamp and mailing it out.  I just drop it off at the handy dandy little mailbox like thing and go on my  merry little way.

I guess now I'm spoiled by that. I can't imagine going back to the office to pay it in person again.  There was always someone in line in front of me, you'd have to wait and I'd irrationally worry about parking, and it was friendly but cramped down there.

ANYWAY. Here's where I might be a little different. When I drop off my bill, I'll grab a couple of the envelopes they provide and take them home with me.  Never a ton, maybe just two or three. I'll take them and save them for next couple months, when I drop off the bill. I'll have already written out the check, and already filled out the envelope.  That way I'm not having to struggle with grabbing an envelope, filling it out in the car, and putting it in the box.  I can just drop it off and leave. I tried to do it in the car before, but it always seemed to be raining or my pen didn't work or god forbid there was someone behind me waiting to leave, etc.  It's just simpler, to me.

Sometimes I wonder if that's selfish - because I technically AM taking away envelopes that other people could be using. And I have dropped off my bill and seen the envelopes part empty before.  But I swear, I never take more than two or three, and I use them until I run out, and then grab a couple more.  The last time I dropped off my bill, I saw a ton of envelopes, ready for people to use.  But I didn't need any, so I didn't take any (I remember having a whole conversation once with someone at a store when the pandemic was at its worst because I didn't take the limit on paper towels or something. I only took one package, because that's all I needed.  Having six rolls of paper towels is enough, I don't need twenty four. Karen did not understand that).

Anyway, so does anybody else grab the envelopes and use them for next time?  Or do you just use one envelope each time?  Or do you mail yours out? OR, do you use your own envelopes and not use theirs?

Wateringly yours,

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