I used to shop at the old Bing's grocery store on Limit.  In fact, I used to work there back in the olden days.If you've never worked in a grocery store before, let me tell you, it can be hard work. It was especially hard for me, because I was a stupid kid who had never worked with the public before. I eventually got fired for having purple hair (true story), but I had already given my notice by then. So, now that Bing's is now Wood's, I still end up popping by at least twice a week. It's on my way home from work, and it's convenient.  Anyway, I had a little something to say.

Dear Dude At The Grocery Store,

Hi. I don't know your name, because of two reasons: 1 - I'm actually weirdly shy in public and wouldn't want to bother you, and 2 - I don't want to ask your bosses in case they think I'm mad about something.  I'd hate to get you in trouble. Anyway.  I've worked in retail before, and I know sometimes people aren't the most pleasant to deal with.  We're snappy, we're rude, we're inattentive, the works.  But every time I go into your store, you're always super nice and polite.  Today you asked me politely if I would like you to carry my bags out - almost insistent, but not in a rude way.  You brought my bags out and stressed that you would put them in the trunk for me, and for me not to bother. I wanted to thank you for that, and also for your super chipper attitude every time I see you. I think you're like that all the time, because your co-workers are always smiling around you.  You're always laughing, and having a good time while you're working. You always make sure to speak clearly and loudly enough for some of your elderly customers to be sure to hear. You're careful when you bag the groceries, and you're always willing to take a cart back for someone. If I'm right, you're working with Woods through the Center For Human Services.  And if that's right, I'd like them to know you're doing a great job.  I hope others get a little kick out of speaking with you, and I hope you keep up the good work. I hope I haven't embarrassed you, I'm sure you would just say you're doing your job.  I'm sure I'll see you again at the store soon.  I'm out of milk.

Shoppingly yours,



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