Guys, you know me, I'm not really an "anger" kind of person. But I do get annoyed, especially when people are being inconsiderate.

Here we go.  Dear Lady In The Casey's Parking Lot,

Hi.  I don't know you, and you don't know me. Here's the thing.  You might think this is silly, you might think I'm being petty, that's fine. I just gotta get it off my chest, you know? All of the gas stations in Sedalia are now pre-pay.  You gotta either use your card at the pump, or you go inside and pay a set amount first.  That's not the gas station's doing, it's the law.  That's just the way it is now.  I guess they had too many drive offs over the years, and now it's just something they have to do.

This parking lot is small.  This parking lot is busy.  You see me and the guy in the huge truck behind you.  So please explain, for the love of sweet baby jesus, why you parked yourself at the the first pump you saw, knowing there was one about five feet away that you could have pulled up to. By you doing that, it didn't allow me to get to a pump, or the guy behind me to even get in the parking lot.  You could have gone to pump two and gotten the same gas as pump one, and then I would have been able to roll in behind you and use pump one.

I appreciated the eye contact as you got out of your vehicle.  I know you saw me. And I know you saw the guy in the big truck just back up and leave the parking lot, because he couldn't get in. 

And I also appreciated the way you saw me, sitting in line behind you, blocking the way for others to leave, and then chose to get out and go pre pay inside. Sure, you might be paying cash, I get that.  But you. Saw. Me.  You couldn't have pulled forward after you saw me? You couldn't let me in? You knew the other pump was unoccupied and working. I could see it myself.  It didn't have a little bag over the thingamobob. You saw the Jeep that couldn't get out because of where my car was. If you would have taken maybe ten seconds of your time to just pull all the way forward, we would all be on our merry way in minutes.

And really, is it that hard?  I felt bad for the Jeep lady so I just left, so she could go. I guess I could have been even more petty and just pulled my car into pump one in front of you.  But I'm not quite that bad yet.

In future, I hope you will take my thoughts into account and pull forward next time. If not, well, karma will probably give you a stubbed toe or something.

Openly yours,


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