I know I'm not a pro baker.  You know this.  I can barely be trusted with dinner.

But I try every year to make something tasty for the Child Safe Celebrity Dessert Auction. They're doing it online this year to err on the side of caution when it comes to Covid concerns.  You can start bidding at noon. But they're still having the Chili dinner (4-7), and the cash and carry desserts will go on sale from 12-7.

When you see some of the desserts in the pictures, you'll understand why my stuff...does not go on the auction.  I try, I really do, I just don't have the culinary skills of some of these geniuses!  But,  like I say, I did try.  And this year I decided against making another cheesecake.  This year I made cupcakes!


I decided on strawberry and blueberry cupcakes, and hopefully you will like them. And hey, if it helps Child Safe, you know it's worth it.  I even tried to make it pretty by cutting off the edges of the cupcakes, but... well.  I TRIED.  So please, don't let my dessert be the only one left on the cash and carry table at the end of the night.  Stop by the Foundry 324, which is at 324 West 2nd Street here in Sedalia, tonight.  They're doing it drive through style. Get some chili and fixins, and buy a dessert, knowing you're helping a great cause.

Here's the lowdown from their Facebook page:

  •  Auction Desserts-Bid on Facebook from 12-7
  •  Cash & Carry-Purchase on Facebook 12-7
  • Drive thru Chili Dinner for $10 (PURCHASE THROUGH FACEBOOK) Dinner for 2
  •  You can purchase online and pay online. We will accept checks, cash, Zelle(Central Bank), debit, and credit cards. Central Bank will be at the event to help process those transactions
  • You can pick your Dessert up that night until 10pm

And, you know, I spent like, a good two hours on this.  REWARD MY EFFORTS. Please.

Bakingly yours,


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