Aaah, breakfast.  They say it's the most important meal of the day.  I don't know who "they" are, though. 


Don't those donuts look pretty?  I'm not going to eat one, though, however generously my co-worker offers.  Partially it's because I'm trying to eat better, and trying to cut down on sugar. But also, it's because I'm.. just not a sweet breakfast person.  I used to be! I used to love sweet cereals, toast with jelly, donuts, all of that stuff.  And I bet I could be convinced to eat a donut, but not in the morning.  Maybe as a dessert? Or a snack? Sure.

But in the morning, I don't want sweet things. I don't know why this has changed over the years, I just don't want sugar in the morning.  In fact, I don't really eat much in the morning, I don't even get hungry til later in the morning.  And I don't want to get up another ten minutes early just to get food together that I don't want to eat.  But I could do a savory breakfast.  Bagels, eggs, bacon, the like.

Are you a savory or a sweet breakfast person? Or you a breakfast person at all?  Do you make sure to eat something, or let it go?

Breakfastingly yours,


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