According to information from the Missouri Department of Agriculture, $16,716,406 million in CARES Act funding has gone to almost 150 small and medium sized businesses in Missouri.

The press release goes on to say:

As a direct result of the reimbursement grant, more than 40 businesses were assisted in initiating or expanding their level of meat processing through a new grant of inspection or custom exempt inspection status.

Meat and poultry processing establishments were given this support through the Meat & Poultry Grant to help create a stronger food supply resiliency across the state. The grant was created to support establishments that employ fewer than 200 people.

Federal, state and custom exempt meat and poultry processing facilities were awarded the funds. The grant funds were used to reimburse costs associated with purchasing or improving equipment, upgrades to utilities such as water, electric, heat or cooling, packaging equipment, costs associated with becoming an inspected establishment and more.

Area recipients that received reimbursements Include:

  • Alewel's Country Meats  Warrensburg  $100,000
  • Cuttin' Up Custom Meat Processing  Warrensburg  $20,000
  • Hetherington Meat Processing LLC  Clinton  $200,000
  • Jackman's Meat Processing  Warsaw  $197,326.68
  • Powell Meat Company LLC  Clinton  $200,000
  • Pure Pasture Packing, LLC  Sedalia  $200,000
  • Ray's Processing LLC  Otterville  $20,000

According to Missouri Governor Mike Parson:

“Investing in small businesses is a way to ensure that our food supply is strong and that Missourians are able to continue feeding their families during future emergencies."

Governor Parson went on to say in the news release that consumers would also benefit from the grants awarded to Missouri meat processors as it increases the access to meat and poultry in the state.

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