SO, the Backstreet Boys celebrated a birthday in fine fashion this weekend - by going to Arrowhead for a Chiefs game! 

Now I admit, I've always been a fan of pop music.  And back in college, I had a copy of the BSB album "Millennium". It was a good record! Everybody loved "I Want It That Way".  Don't lie. You did, you do. Now to be real, if it were Backstreet Boys Vs NSYNC...I was team NSYNC.  But that doesn't mean I don't like their music, obviously. Here I am, some twenty odd years later, and I find one of the members of Backstreet Boys on TikTok.  And... well, it had a local connection!


So I guess Kevin is a Chiefs fan?  Or maybe they just wanted to see a game.  It looks like 4 out of the 5 members were there (no Nick).

How fun does that look?  It seems like they were really there just to have a great time.  And a hot dog.  That's important.

Now I did some basic Googling but I didn't really find out WHY they are in KC (You'd think it would be a concert but I didn't find anything.  Kevin lives in Kentucky, so why KC? Admittedly I didn't look that hard).  But hey, we're here for it.  Fun is fun and they're allowed to have it - even if AJ really is a Steelers fan.

Did you go to the game? Did you happen to catch sight of their antics?  Did you get some pictures?  Or did you just stumble on it on social media like me, ha!

Backstreetingly yours,

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