According to Nerd Wallet, half of Americans plan on hitting the road this summer and taking a trip that requires a flight or a hotel stay.  Some travelers may spend time in spectacular cities in Missouri and or Illinois. Visitors, however, will want to ensure they don't bring home a buggy problem. Bedbugs.

Bedbugs, by the way, are seemingly everywhere. Unfortunately, some tourist spots in Illinois and Missouri seem to have a bigger problem than many other cities do with the blood-sucking pest.

Bed Bugs in Illinois & Missouri Cities

The worst news is that Chicago winds up at #1 on Orkin's Top 50 Bed Bugs Cities list. Of course, that's unsurprising, especially when New York and Philadelphia round out the top three worst cities for bed bugs, followed closely by Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

St. Louis also appears in Orkin's Top 50 list, coming in at #19. It is the only city in Missouri to appear on the list.

Illinois can't say that. Surprisingly, Champaign, home of the University of Illinois, also makes the list. It's one of the smaller cities on Orkin's list.

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How To Stay Bed Bug-Free

Ben Hottel, Orkin's entomologist, says bed bugs are visible to the naked eye yet are excellent at hiding. So here are some ways you can check around your hotel room to make sure you don't get bit by the bloodsuckers, or worse, bring them home with you.

Consumer Reports posted these Tips for Traveling Without Bed Bugs:

  • When entering a new hotel room and inspecting the bedding and furniture, place your luggage on a luggage rack or the bathroom; these are unlikely places for bed bugs to hide.
  • Pull back the bed sheets and blankets. Check the mattress and box spring seams for bugs, especially at the head of the bed. Adults, nymphs, and eggs are visible to the naked eye. Also, look for the casings the bugs leave behind when they molt and dark, rust-colored spots. Also, lift the mattress and check underneath it.
  • You may also want to check upholstered furniture as well.
  • Stow your suitcases, zipped closed, on a luggage rack or hard surface for your stay. To be really safe, you can pack large plastic trash bags and keep your luggage in them during your stay.
  • If you have concerns about bringing home a stray bed bug or two, tumble dry your travel clothes in a hot drier for up to 30 minutes. The heat will get a stray bed bug or two; washing your clothes usually won't.

No one wants to spend the first moments when they get to their hotel room checking and cleaning, but it might make your trip a little less itchy if you do. Plus, once the bed bug check is over, you can chill out and see how comfortable that hotel bed is and what TV channels you get!

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