Halloween is almost here, and if you haven't yet decided on a costume, why not go as one of your favorite classic rockers? In some cases, it's as easy as mostly just finding the right wig, a pair of old ripped jeans and an accessory or two. But others, especially with those acts where the image is inseparable from the music, require a little bit more elaborate preparation. Check below to get ideas for, and click links to find, some classic rock Halloween costumes.

Axl Rose

Axl Costume

The bad news is that an Axl Rose costume won’t help you nail “Sweet Child O’ Mine” at karaoke. The good news is it will takes less time to assemble than Chinese Democracy. The auburn wig, shades, and bandana come as a set. All that’s left is a pair of ripped blue jeans and a forearm decorated with bands and bracelets!

Auburn wig, red bandana, black aviator shades 
Light wash, ripped blue jeans
Multi-colored wristbands
Studded bracelet


Slash Costume

Dressing like Slash can be as simple as dressing like an ordinary rock star—with extraordinary hair. Scoring the perfect long, black, curly wig is key. Fortunately, one comes paired with a Slash-like signature top hat. Leather pants and shades should come prioritized next. Cap it all off with a (we recommend fake) cigarette and a nose ring.

Top hat with long black curly wig
Leather pants
Black aviator sunglasses
Clip-on nosering
Fake cigarettes


Kiss Costume

The Kiss option may seem daunting with all the makeup and elaborate wardrobe machinations. Thankfully, the band has a line of officially licensed costumes and wigs so you can create your best Gene, Paul, Ace (or Tommy), or Peter (or Eric). After that, all you'll need is some black and white greasepaint and, if you're going to be the Demon, a stretchable tongue!






Angus Young

Angus Costume

If you want to replicate AC/DC guitarist Angus Young's famous on-stage schoolboy outfit, you'll need the pair of dress slacks, newsboy cap and sturdy blazer. Then just add any tie from your wardrobe and you’re ready to start duck-walking.

Black newsboy cap
Dickies dress shorts
Brown curly hair wig

Iron Maiden

Eddie Costume

You probably wouldn't scare too many youngsters dressing as Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson or Steve Harris, so why not go as Eddie the Head? Masks of the mascot are readily available. We’ve added a straitjacket and chains to render the deranged zombie complete.

Eddie the Head mask
Six-foot chain links

Alice Cooper

Alice Costume

A black rocker wig and leather jacket are the bare necessities for an Alice Cooper costume. Throw a snake around your shoulders for good measure and have an artistic friend work the eyeliner pencil. Or, in case your face doesn’t already scream “Welcome to My Nightmare,” we threw in an Alice Cooper mask, to boot.

Alice Cooper mask
Black rocker wig
Studded leather jacket
Eyeliner pencil

Ziggy Stardust

Bowie Costume

You’ll need a vibrant red mullet, blue eyeliner pencil, a pair of “angelic blue” eye contacts and orange makeup to replicate David Bowie's famous space alien’s head alone. The jumpsuit we’ve provided comes attached to platform boots. It ain’t easy, but by the time you’re done, you’ll be to making love with your ego, too

Jumpsuit with attached boots
Ziggy Stardust mullet wig
“Angelic blue” contact lenses
Orange makeup
Blue eyebrow pencil


Devo Halloween

A convincing Devo costume is as recognizable as it is simple. A yellow jumpsuit, a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a red "energy dome" hat are all you’ll need to inhabit your favorite new-wave humanoids. Equip yourself with a whip for maximum novelty and you may get the girl u want.

Yellow jumpsuit
Energy dome
Black horn-rimmed glasses

The Beatles

Beatles Costume

You can't buy love, but you can buy your way into the biggest band in rock history—for Oct. 31, anyway. The BeatlesSgt. Pepper-era wardrobe is made readily available, individualized between the stylings of Paul, Ringo, George and John. Size the latter for a pair of circular, Lennon-like specs and go to town on the mustache pack we threw in.

Four-pack of all the Beatles
Paul McCartney costume
John Lennon-inspired fake round glasses
Fake mustache assortment

ZZ Top

ZZ Top Costume

Why be a scary monster when you can go out for Halloween as a sharp dressed man? Two greyish beards, a three-pack of shades and a western dress hat are an easy start at emulating ZZ Top. However, style isn't always economical. Those pricey nudu hats that Billy Gibbons sports? We say go for it, but we suggest maybe selling your woman's pearl necklace first...

Extra-long beard
Cowboy hat
Nudu cap
Three-pack of plastic sunglasses

Eddie Van Halen

Van Halen Costume

Fortunately, Eddie Van Halen's wardrobe wasn't as breathtakingly complex has his titanic guitar soloing. Our simple handbag includes Van Halen-esque loony overalls and a rocker wig. We've even supplied you with a guitar. Just don't try plugging it in.

Gold and red striped overalls
Heavy metal wig
Inflatable 5150 Guitar

Ted Nugent

Nugent Costume

There are two possibilities for Ted Nugent, and we've prepared you for both. The minimalist, Tarzan-like loincloth captures the essence of the Motor City Madman of an earlier era. A more up-to-speed iteration calls for a hunting vest and an American flag cowboy hat.

Tarzan loincloth
Hunting vest
Red, white and blue cowboy hat


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