With the holidays upon us, we all want that magic pill or the special elixir that will keep us slim and trim during the festive time of food consumption. Maybe this will help to clear up some of the tall tales about dieting that circulate every year about this time.

According to a Diets Digest article on this subject, you may feel a little more comfortable knowing what and what-not to to do concerning your plan to lose weight as some diet myths are exposed:

  1. Eat Five or Six Small Meals a Day - Yeah, no! Eating six smaller meals throughout the day may help to take care of those cravings but according to studies you'll burn just as many calories eating a couple meals a day compared to the so-called diet experts of eating five to six per day. In fact eating lots of small meals doesn't boost your metabolism.
  2. If You Eat Eggs, Don't Eat the Yolk - Eggs and bad cholesterol have been getting a bad rap over the years, especially the yolks. So get ready to hear the straight stuff-eggs don't raise your cholesterol and the yolks are actually good for you. In fact, nutrition wise, yolks get a thumbs up!
  3. Coffee Isn't Good For You - Now hear me out on this one. If you over do it with the java, no, it isn't good for you. Now if you have a couple cups a day, according to studies coffee has more antioxidants than most of your fruits and vegetables plus two other health benefits-reducing the risk of Type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Eating Celery Helps to Burn Calories - Nope...nada...not true. Celery contains about 10 calories for a serving of the green stuff. We're not saying it's bad, we're just saying it's not going to make you burn off those unwanted calories by chewing five or six stalks of the stuff.
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