I mean, seriously.  We're still doing this?  Does anybody even listen to these things anymore?

As soon as I hear a pause or a clicking noise on the phone, you know that telltale sign that it's a robocall, I'm out.  Hang up instantly.  I don't care what they say to me, I'm hanging up.

"Don't hang up...:"


"I have important information about your..."


"This is not a solici..."


With a quickness.  It's almost convincing though, when they do that thing where they spoof the number and make it look like it's coming from a number you might know, or make it look like they're calling from Missouri.  But still, it's not like I'm gonna sit here and listen to your spiel.  I think the furthest a telemarketer or robo call can get with me is about twenty seconds. And that''s too bad in a way, because I've done that job and it suuuuuucks.  Any job where you're trying to get someone to buy something from you that they didn't ask for is hard.

I guess I wonder if people really do listen to these things.  Husbando gets annoyed and tries to get him "off their list", but that won't work if we're being honest with ourselves.  Same thing with the no-call list.  I'm on it and updated, but I still get calls.  In fact, that's the main reason we did away with our landline phone - all the calls were telemarketers, spam, and robots.  If someone really wanted to get a hold of us, they'd call our cell phones.

They keep doing it, so someone's gotta be buying it, right?  But who? We've warned all our elderly, right? Older people tend to be more trusting.  Have we warned the gullible kids out there?

I hope we have.  I mean, jeez, the government won't call you about your taxes. You didn't win five thousand dollars a week for life.  And you certainly aren't very important to the credit card company that wants to lower your interest rate.

What do you think? Has there been a robo call or telemarketer that got you, or almost got you?

Telephoningly yours,


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