Yes, this is a real thing people are debating.

Don't believe me? Check it out.  People are getting really heated about whether you should dip your french fries in ranch or in ketchup.  Now, I know we Sedalians are pretty opinionated when it comes to ranch dressing, so we might have to tread lightly.

Me, I've done both.  We just had fish and chips last night, and I put a little salt in the little dipping cup thingy and added ketchup.  Perfect.  BUT, I have on occasion enjoyed some Hidden Valley with my fries.  And if it's Mazzio's ranch - all bets are off the table.  I'm probably going to dip my fries in that biznazz all day long.

But if I had to choose?  What would I pick? I like ketchup and I like ranch.  Why do we have to only have one?  And who are these maniacs that mix ranch, mayo and ketchup?!  That's just madness. 

I guess it also depends on the fries themselves.  If they're crispy and thin, it might be better with ketchup.  I can't imagine McDonald's fries with anything but ketchup, for example.  But I could imagine (because I've done it) dipping Perkins fries in ranch. I think both parts play a large role in this debate.

I guess if I have to choose, I choose ketchup. But it has to have a little salt in the ketchup (because the salt never sticks to your fries, really, let's be real).  Unless it's Mazzio's ranch, then I choose ranch.  'Cos I don't know what they do with that stuff, but it's crazy addicting.  I better be careful or we'll get into another "who's got the best ranch" debate.

What do you think?  Which do you choose - ranch or ketchup?  Do you think it depends on the ranch, the ketchup, the fries? Please tell me your stance on this very important issue.

Fryingly yours,


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