I know it's February, it certainly doesn't feel anywhere near like Spring.  But, I admit that the snow and the mud has made me feel like I need to clean up more.  So Maybe it's an early Spring Cleaning? 

According to the website Angie's List, here are the five things you're most likely to forget about when you're doing your spring cleaning.  Some of these are stuff that I already knew about, but hey.  Not gonna hurt to revisit.


1.  The baseboards along the bottom of the walls.  They're pretty easy.  Just vacuum first, then wipe them with a sponge.


2.  Dusting stuff that's above eye-level.  Like the top of your window blinds, or your ceiling fan.  We have high ceilings in our house so this'll be a little challenging.


3.  Cleaning the walls.  Just use water and dish soap . . . and don't scrub too hard or you might take off some of the paint.


4.  Inside kitchen cabinets.  You might think they stay clean, because you only put clean dishes in there, and the doors stay closed.  But somehow they collect dust anyway.


5.  Under appliances, like your fridge or washing machine.  If you haven't cleaned them in a while, they're probably filthy. I don't want to think about what might be under my washing machine.  Probably a lot of cat food.

So if we're gonna do it, let's do it right. Are you ready for spring cleaning?  Or, at the very least, to be out of the cold white grossness that is the snow right now?

Cleanly yours,

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