Your phone is actually the dirtiest thing you touch all day. And you touch it ALL DAY.

Well, it's not like I have it in my hands 24/7 but..... I do have it near me or on me most of the day.  Even if it's charging, it's nearby.  But the other day, I was getting the fingerprints off the screen with the edge of my sleeve, and Husbando was like, "Don't do that".  Huh.  Why not?  Apparently that's not enough.  To the internet I went!  Yes, there are better ways to clean your phone.  So here are four tips to make sure you clean it right.

1. Turn it off first. Not because you'll get shocked. You might mess with your settings or dial someone by mistake.

2. Use a solution that's half water and vinegar, or half water and rubbing alcohol. Or buy a spray bottle of stuff that's specifically designed for phones. DON'T use household cleaners like Windex. That's the part that got me, I nearly used that stuff! Smartphones have something called an "oleophobic coating"  to prevent smudge marks (you know I don't know how to pronounce that). And the chemicals in household cleaners can remove it.

3. Don't spray liquid directly on the screen. It's safer to spray the cloth you're using and THEN wipe it down. Just make sure you don't saturate it too much, because even a little bit of liquid can mess your phone up if it gets inside.

4. Don't use paper towels or any type of cloth that might have lint on it. Things like tissues or toilet paper SEEM soft enough, but even those can scratch your screen. So always use a microfiber cloth. Like I am supposed to with my glasses.  Which is why my glasses have scratches on them.

How do you clean your phone?  How often do you do it?

Cleaningly yours,


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