Usually, I'm pretty prone to colds.  And most of the time, I have allergies. But this year... this year is different.  Everybody is being more cautious.  I know I've been carrying around (and using) hand sanitizer and wearing a mask since... what, early March? And it wasn't until this weekend that I realized - I haven't gotten a single cold or sniffle this year.  Yet, anyway.

It took a minor scare for me to figure it out.  This past Saturday, Husbando was out playing in a tournament with his friends (nerd stuff, table top games).  So I spent part of the day cleaning the kitchen cabinets with the magic eraser, part of the time reading books online, and part of the time looking down at my phone.  Either by looking down at one of my three BTS related games on the phone, or by watching Tik Tok videos.  I watched a bit more than normal on the phone, because my computer decided to do a huge amount of updates, putting it out of commission for at least four hours.

A little after lunch Saturday, my throat started to hurt.  I thought, "What the heck? I haven't even really been in contact with anybody for ages, much less today.  How'd I get a sore throat?"  Well, I got some broth heated up, got out the throat spray, and decided to deal with it.  It bothered me for most of the evening, and I got a bit of a frog in my throat, too.  The next day, though,.... the sore throat was gone.  My voice was back to normal!

Again, what? Then I thought to myself...oh.  You literally spent hours yesterday looking down at your phone.  Is that a thing?  To the Googles!  Yes, yes it is a thing. If you spend a lot of time looking down at your phone, and especially if you do it more than you normally would in one setting, that can make your throat hurt.  So I didn't even get sick, I got a phantom sick.

I guess that's all it took for me.  I guess the whole sanitizer/mask/distancing thing is working, at least for me.  I know I don't have the "rona" as Husbando calls it, but... it's nice not to be out of commission randomly because of the usual four or five colds I get every year. Sure, its inconvenient, it makes my glasses fog up, and I've come to hate the feeling of sanitizer under my wedding ring, but if it means I'm not going to the doc for a z-pack or spending ten bucks on cold pills, I'll do it.  Maybe if I get more personalized masks and make it more fun, it'll be even better!

Have you had a cold or any sickness this year (other than allergies, I always get those)?

Healthily yours,

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