I know it's hard to picture life without your phone...but you'd be SO much RICHER if you could do it.

A company called Flipsy just analyzed what having a phone is going to cost you in your lifetime. And the answer is more than $75,000.

Here's the breakdown:

The phones, buying one every two or three years for 60 years: An average of $567 per phone, for a total of $12,474.

Your monthly bill for the next 60 years: $960 per year, for a total of $57,600.

Apps and accessories: $88 per year, for a total of $5,280.

Now . . . this study assumes that we'll still be using phones in the year 2078, and not just sending telepathic messages or whatever. But it also uses today's prices, so it's not banking on inflation or general price increases.

So let's just say it all balances out, and boom, 75 grand on phones. People will spend $75,000 on smart phones over a lifetime. Doesn't sound so smart to me.

I gotta say, I've never spent more than a hundred dollars buying a phone.  I don't spring for the latest and greatest new gadget.  And my cell phone plan is simple and cheap.  The accessories... like what?  A fancy case? How can that be so expensive?  Maybe I'm just showing my cheapo side here.  Does this sound like something reasonable?

How much would you say you spend on your cell phone a year?  What about the accessories? Do you get a deal on your monthly bill, or does it get expensive?  Have you ever had to switch a phone or service because it was too much money?

Expensively yours,


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