Guys, I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like life is just a never ending cycle of paying someone else to exist. 

I have to pay for all this.... stuff to keep me alive and all, and it's frustrating, obviously. I mean, this whole adulting thing is for the birds.  I'm not even having a good time with some of this stuff. I feel like Jimmy McMillan sometimes. And of course, it's after Halloween, so that means it's time to really start thinking about the Holidays. There's another huge expense, right?  It never ends! SO, to basically get it out of our systems,  I thought I'd ask you guys a simple, yet very fascinating question on our social media platforms.

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If you could have 1 bill per month paid for you, what would you choose?

Everyone in the comments had a different way of looking at it.  Some of you just wanted a break on the groceries.

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Stacy U -  Food. After rent and utilities... gas money put back for the week... having stuff to put a meal together is a struggle.

Hey, I get it.  At one point, I was so broke a while back that after I got paid and sent everyone their bill money....I had $15 left in my bank account.   And I was appreciative to have it! Some of you mentioned taxes, your cell phone bill, or medical concerns.


Rachel M - My Mayo Clinic hotel room. Just one week. Just once.

I know that struggle.  I mean, staying in the hospital can be crazy expensive. I know I'm STILL paying off a test I had a while back that found nothing, so.... that's fun.  Only 650 bucks to go.

Some of you mentioned credit cards, insurance, car payments.  Meanwhile some of you were more concerned with taking an every day expense off your plate.

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Kevin W   - Electric. Then I can run all my appliances from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. with no worries.

I know, right? I've started doing my laundry in the wee hours of the morning so I'm not running something during "peak hours".

Theresa M - Light bill, it's the devil. The car will get paid off, as well as the house. The electric is forever.

It's the bill that wouldn't die!

However, the overwhelming majority of you were with Jimmy - the rent is too dang high.  Or the mortgage payment.  Or whatever you do.  I get it though, for some of us that can be an expense of nearly half our paychecks, you know?  I know it can be a struggle to get that note paid every month, so I applaud everybody who is hanging in there and getting it done.

What's a bill you wish you could just... never have to pay again?  Would you pay off your house or car, get out of medical debt, or just never open a light bill again?

Expensively yours,


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