I know it's that time of year when a lot of us go garage salin', or even get a sale ready for yourself and your family.  It can be a cathartic process, to shake off the old junk and make room for new junk. I had a garage sale....well, it was quite  a few years ago, and I swear, every time I have one, I say, "NEVER AGAIN."  There's so much work involved that I never thought about until I actually did one.  I had to take a day off work to get it all done.  You have to get change, you have to get prices set, you have to actually go through the dang closets and just let some stuff go.

Then there's the putting it out in the yard or garage.  You gotta box that stuff up and actually walk it out there, and then you have to try to arrange it in such a way to make it easy to see and buy.  It's a lot of work. I ended up selling a lot of old books and CDs, and what I didn't sell went to donations.

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I mean, most of the time, if I have stuff I just want to get rid of, I'll just put it out back by the garage. I  did that the other day with an oscillating fan.  My Dad got me a new one (big upgrade), and the one I had worked fine, but the plastic base was broken.  So out back it went, and it was gone in like, a day.  But I don't know if anything really needs to get sold, you know? I don't feel bad about giving away a half broken fan, but I WOULD feel bad about trying to charge someone for a half broken fan.  Even if the important part was working.

I don't have anything.  At least, I don't think so.  Somehow I got a breadmaker in my last move, maybe that'll go.  I can't say I've ever made bread in my life, so that probably is a good thing to get rid of.  But then, as we were going through stuff, I came across a couple of things that violate that rule of garage sales.  The rule, as far as I could tell is, "If you haven't seen it or used it in six months, it 's gotta go."

What about you? Do you have stuff that you don't use, but you just can't sell?  Do you keep things for years that you just don't need?

Plastically yours,


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