I seem to have a problem.  

I guess I'd better start watching myself, because I am continually plagued by the endless viciousness of.........doors.

Every morning I come into the studios, admittedly pretty early.  And every morning I have to be very careful to dodge the terrible attacks! And if it's not the studio door, it's my office door!

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

LOOK AT IT. IT'S ALWAYS AFTER ME!  It's like a vast army of killing machines are just standing there at every corner, waiting to attack me. What have I done to offend the door dynasty? Is there some kind of penance I have to pay to win back the good graces of the world of doors? Is this an endless feud, destined to end in some kind of epic human vs door battle?



Not really.  I'm a klutz, you guys. I swear I run into one of those doors at least once a week. I got my arm banged up pretty bad from it just the other day. It's not like I'm TRYING to hurt myself, seriously.  But then, I also fall out of bed all the time and manage to trip on anything that is available to be tripped on.  I probably need some kind of protective gear in order to get from one room to another.

Are you klutzy? Do you catch yourself running into things, or getting mystery bruises? Tell me all about it! We'll compare and contrast.

Doorly yours,

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