Welcome to the new Awesome 92.3 Sedalia's Greatest Hits! You'll still hear a lot of your favorites from 92.3 BOB FM and some very cool tunes that BOB FM didn't play. If you grew up listening to Top 40 radio from the mid 70's through the early 90's we think you'll love Sedalia's Greatest Hits Awesome 92.3!

Wake up with Behka every morning from 6AM-10AM CST! Sarah will help you get through your workday from 10AM - 2PM CST! James Rabe will wrap up your workday and get you home every afternoon from 3PM - 7PM CST.  Plus your requests every night with Tony Lorino on "Throwback Radio" from 7PM - Midnight!

We think you'll love Sedalia's Greatest Hits and hope you'll give our new station a listen! You can listen here.

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