If you're a lover of vinyl records, want to get back into collecting vinyl records, are looking for a vintage turn-table or record player, or are looking for some fun head to Sedalia for the inaugural Mid-Mo Record Show presented by Jammin' Nuggets Music and Sedalia 200 School District's Tiger Instrumental Music Promoters Organization (TIMPO).

If you're unsure what a record show is, it's what you think it is. It's a collection of record stores and dealers that come together in one place and spend the day selling mostly vinyl, while some dealers may also bring vintage audio equipment like turntables, record players, or other audio equipment.

James from Jammin' Nuggets Music, Sedalia's Independent Record Store on South Ohio Street, attends some of these shows around Missouri as both a dealer and vinyl fan and found people asking when there might be a show in Sedalia. Since one didn't exist here he decided to put one on himself.

Smith-Cotton Jr. High School's Music Man, Mr. Stephen Broadbent, one of Smith-Cotton's band directors' is one of several educators in the district who is a vinyl fan and thought it would be cool to involve TIMPO, the Sedalia 200 School District band boosters program in the event.

He says TIMPO is always looking for ways to fundraise and help their kids have a good time while elevating music in Sedalia and the City. He thinks involving TIMPO and using Smith-Cotton Jr. High School's gym is the perfect way to show off the school, and the City, while hosting a cool event for the region. TIMPO will be receiving half of the entrance fee money made from the event.

James from Jammin' Nuggets says there will be around nine dealers, a couple of which are bringing some audio equipment, and one dealer will be there that specializes in European 45 RPM records. Dealers/stores are coming from Kansas City, Columbia, and one from down south.

James says there will be a nice mix of records, CDs, cassettes, and equipment, and as far as vinyl goes there will be both new and used records for sale. James, whose Jammin' Nuggets Music will be there, says he's bringing a mix of new releases and previously loved vinyl.

Additionally Street Treats Food Truck will be serving up personal-sized pizzas, street tacos, dogs, smoked sausage, and something called an Alligator Dog! The show runs from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CDT at Smith-Cotton Junior High School. Entry costs $5.00 with half of the proceeds benefiting Sedalia 200's band bosters group TIMPO.

Smith-Cotton Junior High School is located at 312 East Broadway in Sedalia. For more information check out the Mid-Mo Record Show's event page on Facebook.

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