You guys, I think we can all agree it's been a bit of a rough week.

Mondays are always kinda lame, but having a hail/funnel cloud scare did not help.  Husbando was out that night with friends in Columbia, so I had to gather up my phone, laptop and kitties and head downstairs.  It was pretty hairy.  And nobody was happy about it.  Not me, not the kitties, not my Dad, not my dad's cat.. nobody.  But eventually everyone forgave me.

Then we got those crazy loud thunderstorms!  Oh my LANTA, that was just crazy.  It was like the sky just opened up.  I definitely got some analogies going in my mind. I was wondering at one point if I was going to need to start building an ark.  Chances didn't look good. Maybe I could float in the giant fiberglass boot we have for the country station that we used to take to the Fair?

Snow was not welcomed, either.  And the wind, the cold... no. Just, no thank you to all of it.

Of course, it didn't help that all of that stuff was happening as there were some other sherty nonsense happening elsewhere.  I slept walked one night this week (haven't for a while, but it still happens) and managed somehow to cut my foot. I didn't injure myself, but it was enough that I managed to make a mess. You know what I mean, where you get yourself just right that you seem like you bleed a lot, but the actual cut isn't bad? Yeah. So my bedroom floor and area rug looked like a tame version of a crime scene.

And poor Husbando! He was trying to make some baked mac and cheese for dinner the other night.  He had his oven mitts, and was ready to pull it out of the oven, when something happened and it slipped. And some of it fell right on his foot!  Molten lava cheese all over the kitchen floor, and in between his toes.  Thankfully he's okay too, it just startled him a bit and it stung for a while.

So between all of that, you guys.  I think collectively we were just all exhausted. So let's recharge our emotional batteries.  Let's go into the weekend on a positive note.

This is Becks.  He is a dog. He snores. And when he snores, he sounds like Donald Duck.  There you have it.  Problem solved, right? Right.  It's the simple things in life, you know?

Doggily yours,

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