I don't know about you guys, but it seems like all I hear about when it comes to real estate is how hard it is to buy it.

I'm a homeowner, but I got lucky.  I bought my  childhood home from my Dad and he cut me a sweet deal because he's a sweetheart.  And he still lives there, so.   I won't say how much I paid for it, that's weird.  Or what my house is worth now, but... it's a lot more than what it was when I bought it.   

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So I get it, it's hard to buy real estate because it can be just crazy expensive. So when I saw this video, I thought, what in the jumpin jehoosaphat?  I believe I found this on Twitter.  There's this dude, his name is Troy Kearns.  He wrote a book on how to buy real estate, and he does a YouTube series about it, too.  Basically it looks like he goes around, buys houses on the cheap, and then fixes them up to re-sell them.  And he found a house here in Sedalia recently.... for a thousand dollars. Yes, that number is right. That's a fraction of some of the cheapest houses for sale here in town, or even out in the county. The cheapest house I think I saw for sale in town was something like $42K?  So what happened, and how'd he do it? You can skip to the house part at about the two minute mark.

You can see that the house is gonna take some work to clean it out and fix it up, but that's still just an absolutely almost unbelievable price.  But he makes the point, that for the seller, it's more about getting the headache out of their lives.  For them, it was worth it just to have the property off their hands and not have to mess with the taxes on it anymore.  So in the end, everybody was happy!

What's your experience been like when it comes to your housing situation?  Did you buy a house, are you renting? Would you buy a house like this for that price?

Estatingly yours,

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