I've lived here most of my life, and while you  might think it's far too difficult to sum up Sedville in twenty four points, I'm gonna try anyway.


A is for The Avenues.  It's the new nickname/name for Downtown Sedalia. You see the signs all over down there these days, it's pretty charming.

B is for  Bob FM! The best eighties, nineties, and whatever station in town (shameless plug, I know)!

C is for  Casey's General Stores. We only have about three dozen of these. We just can't get enough of that pizza.

D is for Dick's Barber Shop. That place has been in Sedalia for ages. Dudes have been getting shaves and hard parts down there as long as can be remembered.

E is for   E.W. Thompson State School. "Our students are to be respected and to learn in a positive, engaging, and nurturing environment."  That's what they do, and they've been doing it well.

F is for FAIR. You know what I'm saying, it's the annual Missouri State Fair, and it's a huge deal, you guys. People come from all over for this agricultural showcase.

G is for Guberburgers. 'Nuff said.

H is for  Heber Hunt Elementary School. Although I guess it could also be for Horace Mann Elementary School.  Kids!

I is for the Ilgenfrtiz family.  If you go around to some of the older buildings in our area, you're bound to see their name. The Ilgenfritz building downtown, Convention Hall, look around, it's there. And several of us Smith Cotton kids got scholarships from the family's philanthropic efforts.

J is for Jennie Jaynes. It's another name is Sedalia history that everyone knows, because our local High School sporting events have almost always been held in a Jennie Jaynes Stadium, either on the North or the South side of town.

K is for the Katy Trail. It's a beautiful stretch that goes straight through our town.

L is for Liberty Park.  Kids have been playing there, concert bands play there, and sportsmen have been fishing in the lagoon for ages.

M is for the McLaughlin family.  McLaughlin Furniture and the McLaughlin funeral home have always been prominent in our town. Mary McLaughlin and her family have been very generous over the years.

N is for Nighwatch Security, the firm that sponsors my show! Yes, it's another shameless plug, but what you must not understand is that  I have no shame. 

O is for Oakie, Jack Oakie.  You can see the plaque put in front of his childhood home celebrating his movie career over on West 7th street.

P is for Papa Jakes Donuts.. Sedalia people love our little donut shop, and don't you DARE forget it.

Q is for the Queen of the Prairies Festival. It was a big arts festival that ran for about seven years. There won't be one next year, but hopefully it'll come back soon!

R is for Railhead. For many years in our history we were a very important stop on the railroads.  It's a major part of our identity.

S is for the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival. Every year, people from all over the world come to hear and play ragtime music in honor of Scott Joplin.

T is for the Trail's End Monument. It's a beautiful tribute to our past and it's just fun for kids to run around. It's certainly an attention grabber as you're going along Limit.

U is for Uptown Theatre.  There is an amazing effort under way to restore the Uptown and perserve it for future generations.

V is for Vincent's Shoes and Apparel.  They've been a Sedalia staple since 1938.

W is for Wilken's Music. They have definitely been an important part of a lot of a lot of kid's upbringings, and also kept musicians sounding good for years.

X is for.... X Factor? We have an X Factor about us? Are you buying that? I kind of hit a blank on this one.

Y is for Youth Sports! Sedalia Parks and Rec have so many things for the kiddos to do.  From volleyball to basketball to baseball and even dance, the kids are very active.

Z is for Zephyr Manufacturing. Since 1927 Zephyr has been a family owned and operated manufacturer.  They make all sorts of useful stuff like mops, brooms, brushes, handles and all the stuff that goes with it.

I know I couldn't possibly go through everything that Sedalia has to offer, but hopefully it's a good start.  What would you add to the ABC's of Sedalia?

Alphabetically yours,

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