t's supposed to brighten your day if you do nice things for other people.  But if you don't have a ton of time or resources for big donations or volunteering, there are still a lot of small, simple ways that you can pay it forward.  I think we could use plenty of that here Sedville, right?  It's not like it could be that hard.  After all, it's not like I have a ton of money or time to give either.  There should be something simpler and easy to do, after all.  So my numbskull brain managed to come up with a few things!


1.  Share coupons.  If you have a coupon that can be used more than once, offer to share it with someone standing next to you in line.

2.  If you're running to the store for a few things, call and ask a neighbor if you can pick something up for them.

3.  Buy a lottery ticket, and then just give it to a stranger.

4.  Leave a big tip.  Even if it's just a little bigger than usual, you'll make your server's day.

5.  At the vending machine, leave your extra change for the next person.

See?  Nothing too crazy. I'm sure you have your own methods of  paying it forward - after all I hear about people paying for other people's orders at the drive thru all the time.  What are some little things you do to be nice to your fellow Sedalians?

Nicely yours,


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