A lot of people think 'Rock Paper Scissors' is a game of chance . . . but it isn't.  They actually have world championships in it, and certain people win a lot more often than others.  And now I've got some tips for becoming a winning player.

#1.)  Control the tempo.  It's easy to force people into predictable patterns when you don't give them time to think.  So if you insist on a fast pace, the other person will often just default to "rock."  You can also get people frustrated by setting a really SLOW pace, and they'll tend to fall into other kinds of patterns.  Either way, make them react to the pace YOU set.

#2.)  Exploit other people's lack of strategy.  People THINK it's a game of chance . . . but they don't play randomly.  Mainly because it's hard to force yourself to be random.  So most beginners change their throw every time.  But ironically, that's the biggest advantage you have in predicting someone's next throw.

#3.)  Do research.  You could read books on game theory and Rock Paper Scissors . . . yes, they exist . . . but we'll make it simple:  Just extend the game.  Like by making it a 'best of five' or something.   That gives you more time for the tempo and strategy stuff.  Also, men throw Rock most.  Then Paper, then Scissors.  Women go Rock . . . Scissors . . . Paper.

#4.)  Cheat.  One shady technique is to throw the "turkey claw," where your hand is halfway between Paper and Scissors.  Then finish the throw according to what the other person threw.  Then you're always guaranteed at least a tie.

Now get out there and have a good game!

Rockily yours,

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