I admit, my memory is not as good as it probably should be. I'm trying to remember something, and maybe you guys can help. I was in middle school in the era of 1990-1994 ish. I went to the Sedalia Middle School, which was the one everyone went to back then unless you were at Whittier or Sacred Heart. It's different now, but at the time, kids went to Kindergarten through third grade at Washington, Heber Hunt or Whittier, then you went to fourth and fifth grade at Horace Mann, and everyone got together at SMS for sixth, seventh,and eighth grades.  This was before Skyline or Parkview, if I remember correctly.

I don't remember a lot of major goings on back then, but I distantly remember an earthquake drill and some teenage drama on the mile course.

But I do have a vague recollection of one incident that happened when I was in eighth grade. I hope I'm remembering it rightly, anyway. The principal at the time was Dr Doug Ebersold, who I remember as being completely patient and sweet (though I was not the kind of kid who EVER had to go see him in his office), but an authority figure.  The Vice Principal was was Mr. Green (I wanna say his name was Joe, but I can't even remember that).  Mr Green was definitely the "cool principal" to most of the kids. I remember seeing him a lot at lunch time and I think he was associated with some of the sports teams.


I remember a big brou-ha-ha happening sometime in the eighth grade. I didn't see it happen, but I heard it through the grapevine, just like everyone else did.... so whether the story is even ACCURATE is kind of up for debate. What I remember is that on the side of the building where the gym and art rooms were, there was a scuff up with a student and Mr Green.  The scuttlebutt from the kids said the student was way out of line and was acting snottily - and Mr Green held him against a locker.

So, as I'm sure is policy everywhere, he got suspended.  I think the kid did too, but I don't think I knew who he was. We kids (or, as I recall it anyway) didn't think it was right that Mr Green was suspended, because we felt the kid was in the wrong. So, in our little way, we protested. We made and wore green armbands. There were whispers of a school walk out. It was supposed to happen at noon.

I was in Mrs Mothersbaugh's English class. Me and about twenty other kids kept nervously looking at each other, and at the clock, and then Dr Ebersold came on the sound speaker.

In his calm, rational way, he told us that he understood we loved Mr Green, and asked us not to walk out. I remember it being a little emotional, although I can't recall exactly what he said.

The hands of the clock hit twelve... and nothing happened.  We didn't do it. I know I was a goody goody and I wasn't gonna do it unless other people did it. I guess that made me a scaredy cat.

Anyway, am I remembering this right? What really happened? Was it even eighth grade, or was it seventh? Geez. Maybe I need to do one of those train your brain online classes and sharpen my wits.

Help me fill in these fuzzy memories, Sedalia!

Hazily yours,


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