Guys, we've got one weekend left, and after that, it's time to put another Missouri State Fair in the memory books. I really think we've gotten lucky with this year's fair.  We only had one cancellation, and most of the events went without a hitch. The weather really co-operated for a lot of this week!  I mean, yeah, weekends and summer heat can be brutal, but has that ever stopped a dedicated Fair Goer who wants to have a little 'Once a Year Fun'?


So yeah, everyone's been out there, letting their hair down a little.  And I've.... already got a few stories to tell.  You know how it is, you're hanging out on the grounds doing your thing thang, and you see something you KNOW you're going to tell your Terry from Accounting about on Monday.  It's a great opportunity for poeple watching - and some of ya'll really gave us something to watch.

This year, I did, in fact, see a few things - there was a dude who was D.B.N*, and he got a massive rollicking from his girlfriend right in front of me.  "I can't turn my back on you for two minutes, and you're off talking to some other girl! You're so stupid!"  I felt for them.  It's hard out here, guys.

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Kind of reminds me of another time, a few years ago.  We don't really play games anymore out at the outpost...everybody does that.  We've been sending you guys on Adventures throughout the grounds for tickets.  You know, it's something different, something you'll remember, a story you'll tell later. Like, "I had to go find such and such to get these tickets, it took me twenty minutes and the picture was so funny" is a waaaaaaaaaaay better story than "I spun a wheel and got lucky", you know?

Anyway, back when we did play games, we played a bunch of different ones and sometimes we'd take a break from one game to play another. We'd decided to switch from bag toss to some light trivia. Nothing hard, I know Fair Brain is a thing, it was relatively simple stuff. One of our Sales people at the time was asking someone a multiple choice trivia question, and one of the answers he gave for options was about the sport of curling. Well, as he was reading it, a lady drove up on her motorized cart, walked up to us, and loudly proclaimed, "CURLING IS BULLS**T!" I didn't know how to react. I thought to myself, "Is this real life?". But yes, it was. They were just out having a good time, and didn't mean anybody any harm or anything. They just had very strong opinions about curling.

There was also the time I saw a dude with what looked like a live chicken on his head, and another time I saw a lady's hair catch on fire.  One time I saw a baby in a stroller, and I kept that photo for ages.  The kid was maybe all of...eight months old, and was just Over Everyone.  People were trying to make her laugh, and she was NOT having it. The FACE she made, though, you guys, I wish I still had the photo. It was so funny.  Turned out she just needed a snack, and then she was fine.  Of course, I've seen some... interesting clothing choices (one lady had what looked like neon colored leggings with pie shapes on them, and one time I saw dude with a fully fledged animal tail coming out of his jeans), but I haven't seen anything TOO crazy this year.

You might have some stories to tell, though.  Have you had any interesting "people watching" stories from the Fair this year?  Did you see anything funny or silly that you'll remember?

Fairingly yours,


*This is my polite way of saying Drunk Before Noon. You know what I mean.

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