Sorry, guys. I'm just... fresh out of ideas.

I've looked all over for something to write about today.  I looked on Facebook, on Twitter, on the general Googles... I tried looking through my life to see if there's anything super interesting going on.

I did see a cool photo my sister found.  I guess someone in town bought an old record and ended up finding an old Santa letter from her in the sleeve? That's a fun blast from the past.

And don't get me wrong, that's super sweet and nostalgic and totally cool but... I didn't know how to turn it into an actual post.  "Look at this Picture?"  That's not really a compelling headline.

Maybe I'm just mentally finished for the week. There has been a lot going on with the news and cancellations, it does take up a lot of your brain power. You know what I mean? Sometimes, you just need to shut it down and re start things.  Maybe I  need a day of just goofing off, playing old school games (nothing after 1996) on my Switch Lite.

Or  maybe it's the cold! I mean, it's thrown a lot of us off this week, and maybe it's just shut down my molecules so all I can think of is.... "Couch..... pizza..... game... hot chocolate...."  And naturally, none of that is compelling material for you to read.

I'm sure you're asking, well, Behk, if you don't have anything to write about, why write?  You do have a point there.  But I'll let Austin explain it.

So what do you say, gang?  Try again Monday?  Unless you can think of something you'd want me to write about....

Blankly yours,

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