Sunday, I was supposed to go on the Fairgrounds for my turn broadcasting from the Outpost. I got there, and I got there on time, but I had to take a bit of a route to get there. You might not know, but our station is on 65 highway, just a little bit south of the Centennial gate. The gate I'm supposed to go in to go to our media parking is gate 11, which is right across the street.  So you'd think, sure, you can just cross 65 there and go straight in, right?

Ha. Hahahaha.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.



To get to the station from my house, I had to go around on Clinton Road so I could turn right on 65, and turn right into the station. To get to the grounds, I had to turn right out of the station (because there were literally cars sitting back to both stoplights), turn right on 16th, and turn around there to get to the stoplight, so I could get back on the right way on 65 and turn right into the gate.

I think most Sedalians know this struggle.

And with this amazing weather we're having (a real Fair rarity, usually it's terribly hot), you know we're gonna keep this up for this week. So I know I have to use 65 highway sometimes, but if I can, I avoid it. I'll go down every side street known to man to avoid Limit and Broadway. I'll take ten stop signs over those two main streets. And just forget about turning left there. I saw someone try to do it the other day in front of Dairy Queen, and BAM. Accident. They just couldn't see each other, too many cars!

So what do you do to avoid the Fair traffic? Do you have a favorite side street or secret shortcut?

Trafficly yours,

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