I mean, as long as it gets in my mouth, it's all good, right? 

"Caramel" is a controversial word in America, which is strange, because it's one of only like three things that everyone in this country can unite behind.  But the controversy lies in its pronunciation . . . specifically:  Is it "kar-muhl" or "kare-uh-mul"?

According to a new survey, the more popular answer around the country is . . . the three-syllable version, "kare-uh-mul," 57% to 43%.

There's only one region where the two-syllable version is more popular:  The Midwest, where the vote is flipped.  57% of people in the Midwest say "kar-muhl."

See, that seems wrong.  Because I'm midwestern.  But I say the three syllable version.  Is this somehow singling me out?  Because i feel triggered.

Not that it's gonna stop me from eating those things.  I mean, they're just perfect. I like them in chocolate, I like them on ice cream, I like them in coffee,  I like them salted, I like them, Sam I Am.

How do you pronounce it?

Caramelly yours,


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