The first time I tried fudge was on a family vacation in Kansas City. My parents bought some of it from a shop during a family vacation when we visited Crown Center. So I've always associated fudge with Kansas City. Now obviously, that's not the case. You can find great fudge in many places around the United States. And maybe the world. Yet, if you love fudge. It's great to live in West Central Missouri.

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A Google search of "the best places to buy fudge in West Central Missouri" shows that there are plenty of places you can get fudge in the area. From Ozarkland in Kingdom City to the Uranus Fudge Factory in St. Robert and lots of places in between, here's where you can find fudge in West Central Missouri.


Ozakland - Kingdom City, Branson, Camdenton, Sarcoxie, and Villa Ridge 

Go to the Ozarkland website and you're greeted with a picture of fudge. With five locations throughout Missouri, it's never that long a trip off the highway to find an Ozarkland to get your fudge.

Ricky's Chocolate Box - Hermann 

Ricky's really isn't all about fudge. Ricky's is all about decadent chocolate creations. So the chocolate lover is going to want to try all their different confections. That said, you can get your fudge fix at Ricky's.

Chip's Chocolate Factory - Crown Center Shops / Kansas City 

This may be the place I first experienced great fudge, or maybe not. Chip's Chocolate Factory claims to have developed Kansas City Fudge and has been in business since 1983. I'd swear I experienced fudge before 1983, but ya know I was a kid. At Chip's you can get fudge by the slice or an assortment. Heck, you can even take a tour and learn how they make the fudge!

Sweet Tooth Fudge Factory - Warsaw 

Mint Swirl Fudge, Peanut Butter Fudge, PB Chocolate Fudge, Maple Nut Fudge, the varieties go on and on. The fudge flavor of the month, while I'm writing this blog, is Orange Cream. It might be worth the ride to Warsaw to enjoy some of this Orange Cream fudge. I'm a sucker for chocolate, but I'd make an exception for Orange Cream.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Union Station in Kansas City and throughout Missouri 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a franchise operation and you can find them throughout Missouri in many places, including Union Station. You can also find them other places outside Missouri. I think I may have even seen one or bought a small slice of fudge from one in an airport, but don't hold me to that. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory seems to specialize in fudge and Carmel apples.

Chandler Fudge - Bonne Terre

Chandler Fudge in Bonne Terre is a small business with a great selection of fudge, pecan logs, and more. You can't however take a summer road trip to Bonne Terre to try their fudge. They're closed until November because, well, fudge melts in the summer heat. This is a problem, especially if you're trying to transport fudge.

Remember at the beginning of this post where I talked about buying fudge on one of our first trips to Kansas City? Well, we didn't finish it before heading back to Chicago. In our 1971 Chevelle with no air conditioning. Yeah, the fudge didn't make the trip. So I understand why they're closed until the cooler months.

Creekside Fudge & Gifts - Steelville 

Creekside Fudge and Gifts Facebook page say they offer handmade fudge in a variety of flavors. As for the gift part they offer natural soaps, pajamas, and custom t-shirts.

Nellie's Sweet Shoppe - Smithville 

Nellie's claims to have Kansas City's best fudge. You can pick up their goodies in-store, have their goodies shipped to you, and even sign up for one of their subscription boxes. Of course you always hop into the store buy some fudge and pick up an ice cream cone, a shake, or another kind of sweet treat.

Blair & Co. Confectionery - Osage Beach / Lake of the Ozarks 

Blair & Co. has been part of Osage Beach and Lake of the Ozarks for over 60 years. Their motto is, "With great chocolate comes great responsibility!" Their Facebook page claims they have the best homemade fudge and candies at Lake of the Ozarks.

The Fudgery - Branson at the Tanger Outlet, other Tanger Outlet Centers, and various tourist points of interest in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenessee, and more. 

Any place whose website is Fudgery Fudge is going to grab my attention. The Fudgery claims to be America's favorite fudge maker since 1980. The Fudgery isn't a Missouri thing, they got their roots in the outer banks of North Carolina. And it seems their presence in Branson plays both into putting their stores in tourist areas and Tanger Outlet Centers. That said, they claim to make some of the best fudge you'll find anywhere on the planet. And their fudge makers tend to put on a show while they're making the fudge. "They're famous for fudging show tunes and coaxing smiles. Some have even made the big break from Fudgery to stardom."

Grandma's Candy Kitchen - Lake Ozark / Lake of the Ozarks 

Grandma's Candy Kitchen offers 20 flavors of fudge, and 40 flavors of taffy. Vanilla Nut, Cookies and Cream, Coconut Cream, Rocky Road, and more. The store's website refers to itself as a Lake of the Ozarks favorite. Also, as far as candy goes, they offer sugar-free options for many of their candies.

Kilwins - St. Charles, Branson / Branson Landing 

Another chain, this one out of Michigan, has locations on Main Street in St. Charles and another in Branson at Branson Landing. As far as fudge goes, they say chocolate is their best seller, but their signature is Mackinac Island Fudge, from the original recipe by Don & Katy Kilwin.

Redmon's Candy Factory
Redmon's Candy Factory

Redmon's Candy Factory - Phillipsburg (Off of Interstate 44)

Redmon's is the place where many folks zipping through Interstate 44 stop for some road snacks, a drink, and a bathroom break. That's how my wife and I found it. A lot of what Redmon's offers is penny candy and easy-to-snack-on candy that you can enjoy while road tripping. That said, you can pick up fudge at Redmon's too. Redmon's has an on-site kitchen where they make gourmet chocolates and homemade fudge. You can't order any of their goodies online, nor have it shipped.


Uranus Fudge Factory - St. Robert (Interstate 44 & Route 66) and Anderson, Indiana (on Interstate 69) 

Fudge from Uranus! Did you t think I could write this list and not include it? Never has a fudge store made more out of fudge than the Uranus Fudge Factory. They love to pack our fudge! In all seriousness, they make their fudge daily and even take great pains to ship it fresh. And they're not above making jokes about fudge, fudge packing, and fudge from Uranus.

So much so the Uranus experience in St. Robert is much more than a place to get some fudge or candy. It's a full-on old-school tourist trap kind of joint that goes way beyond fudge. There are lots of fun Uranus-themed gifts and other somewhat eccentric types of gifts that you could only find in a place like this. Uranus Fudge Factory says they, "Offer a variety of fun activities for the entire family. Come Visit Uranus for the Fudge and stay for the FUN!"

This list is nowhere near complete. But if you're heading out to Branson, Kansas City, the Lake, or beyond, these are some places you can motor to and enjoy some delicious fudge. Be sure to click through and check out the stores' websites and Facebook pages for hours and days of operations so you don't motor out of town for fudge only to be disappointed by a store that's closed.

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